Art is Art: Stop Judging and Start Creating!

I was pushing myself a lot. No one ever actually pressured me to write or do better, but still, there was a sense of pressure that I gifted to myself. I started being hard on myself and setting unrealistic goals; later I blamed myself for not achieving them. I have had a tough time believing in myself and whatever I do/write since my childhood. I’m still not yet there wholly; the process is on. I made sure I read books/pieces and explored. I made sure about the analogies and metaphors. I made sure that I was engaging. I made sure it’s unique and a lesser cliche. I made sure it was a worthy piece of art. I tried to make sure of every damn thing, but somewhere I forgot to be honest about myself and what I feel. I forgot to write the rawness amid all the fabrications and drafts. I, perhaps, drained myself with all the calculations I could ever make, rather draining myself from the joy that cathartic writing offers me. To some extent, I was embarrassed about the cliches I write.

The hunger of perfection ate flaws of my art. My art was there — still hungry and thirsty.

Google Image. Sher by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

I swallowed poetry from my poetry. Entangled between all the comparisons, I lost the reason I started writing — I loved it; it pampered and hammered me. In the race of creating the best art, I forgot art is just art — it’s always special because between those lines, I give a glimpse of my soul, I open up, no matter how ugly it is, IT’S YOURS!

I was too afraid to be cliche because some people would think that’s not art! It’s just feelings. Maybe, they are just feelings, but they are mine; I felt them at some point, and that’s why I’m even writing; for me, it’s the whole world. It took me a long time to accept — it’s okay to feel inferior when you share a platform of talented writers, but don’t lose yourself. There’s an answer to why you’re different.

Why am I writing this today? Because I read a quote from Mary Schmich- ‘Do one thing every day that scares you.’

So, here I’m. Being me. Being vulnerable. Being okay.

~ archita (सफ़रनामा, ख्यालों का सफरनामा)



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