Chai with Archita: Do we know when to pause?

Hustling and struggling for our dreams is absolutely something we all should do. But are we enjoying the path and process? Are we having time for ourselves to embrace ourselves and our journey?

Running. Running. Running. Overlooking what beauty these roads have to offer us.

Isn’t it unfair to us? We grind so much for ourselves that we forget ourselves. We have become so restless that we have forgotten what it’s like to take a moment for us to appreciate. I feel sad.

I pity those who think they will enjoy the moment once they have achieved so and so bar. And, I also know that this so and so the bar is never-ending. How will its outcome make you happy if you can not enjoy the process?

Progress is a very crucial part of life. But, let me tell you, this rest and pause for yourself is also progress- definitely a different kind of progress.

Not being productive is also one of the kinds of being productive, you know?

Photo taken by Vartika Prasad

I often torture myself with so many tasks that I miss doing things that add value to my day. Reading, writing, strolling, and observing make me feel less awful. And when I stretch myself to achieve all the tasks — and complete the tasks as well — I don’t feel satisfied. I feel a void within me, created by me.

In this restlessness,
I have forgotten to dream with my eyes closed.
Now my eyes are hurting.
I wish I have known
I could sleep and still dream.

See you next Monday! Till then work with pauses.



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