Chai with Archita: Life >>>>Numbers

And life is more than just numbers!

Some days taste like bitter karela juice, and some days soothe you like hot chocolate.

It’s terrifying, scary, and beautiful how the person living the life doesn’t have much idea of what’s coming next (even if you have planned it)?

Literally, you don’t know what the sun has to offer you and what confession you’ve to make to the moon. I won’t say life is full of surprises — but yeah, more of shocks? You get it, right?.

You never know when is your next hello with a stranger
and the last goodbye to someone you’ve known for years.

And to be honest, I’m not sure whether it’s good or not? Maybe, there’s never black and white– it’s always gray — a mixture, you can never separate.

Day by day, we keep progressing — let me tell you this — feeling stuck in a situation until you can move — is also progress. The thing is, we are so number and stats oriented that we want to get perfect statistics of our progress too. But, sorry, we don’t have any Google Analytics to track that yet. Still, you manage to think of your graph — you find it bumpy– one day you’re so enthusiastic and another you don’t wanna wake up from the bed at all! And what’s the harm in that, as well? Why does resting and not being productive, for a while, feel like not making any progress?

Is pressurizing ourselves until we break down to the extent our spine hurts real bad, okay? If you think it works for you, I’m really happy, more power to you. That’s your choice, but someone else has another suitable way for them. So, let’s not use slow, unproductive, failure, weak — for those who have another way of living life. We must respect the choice, if not accept.

What I’m trying to say is — make progress with yourself, not just number-wise, but know yourself a little better, spend time enjoying little things with your people or alone, never stop living your life at the cost of making a living.

You are not meant to run in the rat race; you are meant to fly.

Wheatfield with Crows painting by Van Gogh and Dialogue from the movie Anand

Let me know what you think? Don’t forget to write me back!

- archita (the one having karela juice and hoping for hot chocolate)



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